Technical issues

This section gives advice on how to deal with technical problems incurred whilst using the CFS.

  • Q:Why are my login details not working?


    You need to check the following:

    • The licence key has been entered in the top box;
    • The licence number has been entered in the bottom box excluding CFS prefix letters; and
    • The licence key has been entered as per your registration email as it is case sensitive.

    Please note licence key combinations can contain capital case O for Oscar or the number 0. Similarly, you should check whether your licence key contains a lower case l for lima or a capital I for India.

    Please also see our troubleshooting guide for answers to more frequently asked questions about technical issues.

  • Q:How do I enable macros on the CFS Excel spreadsheet?


    You need to check that macros are enabled on your computer.

    To enable macros in Excel:

    • Select 'Tools';
    • Click on 'Macro';
    • Then select 'Security';
    • Set the security level options set to 'Medium' and press 'OK';
    • Close Excel and re-open the CFS spreadsheet; and
    • You will be prompted by a security warning – select the 'Enable Macros' option.

    If your technical issues continue please email

  • Q:How can I report a technical problem relating to the CFS Excel spreadsheet?


    You can report technical issues by sending an email to

    Make sure you attach a copy of the CFS Excel spreadsheet to your email along with details of the software package that you are using, e.g. Windows 2003.